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Marathon Runners
Michael can help with:

- Any sales questions (beginning, struggling, or stuck)
- Any fitness questions (motivation to continue, endurance, influence)
- any marathon questions (being consistent)

Merz Money / marathon / fitness

About : Mike was born in Montana or fort collins, co. Whatever the fact, he was ready for wilderness.

Age : 32

Purpose : Wife, Dad of 2. Works sales and lives in washington.

Education : college football. 

skills : sales, business ownership, bitcoin, real estate. 

certificates : sales.

hobbies : marathon, fishing, hunting, working out.

story : Never received mike's story, but what I know about him is that he is doing amazing. 

What a great resource of family, fitness, and finances. 

He is the best to motivate you to workout and do things that make you feel uncomfortable. such a great man, family dad, and business owner. 

So excited to have him apart of the alpha team!

- Alpha ghosts
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